Digital Orchestra Workshop by Vova Potapenko
On the "Digital Orchestra Workshop" you will focus on how technology allows a musician to make music himself and how to be a musician if you are a resresentative of other creative profession: archiect or designer, whatever.

Founder of Ableton School Vova Potapenko will explain on the workshop:
— how to organize a work for a musician on his own and what is needed for this;
— how the music composition is arranged and why the works of age-old prescription are relevant and will remain so for all time;
— why to those who mastered the painting, or any other art, starting making music easier, and why it is important for a musician to periodically engage into other spheres of creative industries.
Workshop #creativecoding: automation in design and architecture by Arek Keshishian
The workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of parametric and computational design. The curriculum will focus on attractor systems and image sampling. By the end of the class, we will have an understanding about how computation differs from computerization and have a rich example done with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
Workshop #expandingreality: virtual reality and 360 film production by Mitry Sorkin
VR and 360 video — a completely new medium, which opens incredible opportunities for storytelling and a new depth of immersing the viewer into the plot of the story. But, like everything new, this technology arises numerous questions: how to build the composition of the scene, how to interact with the viewer and manage his attention, how to maximize the interactive opportunities of the environment.

Another point of view on VR is using it in art sphere: design, achitecture and illustration experiments. On the workshop founder of VIR: Art Gallery Mitry Sorkin will introduce you endless art directions in virtual reality. As a result, you will an oppurtunity to create a postcard in virtual world and then present it back to the real world in a printed version.
Workshop #designexperiments: glitch, from digital to physical and back by Maria Virshych
The development of any technology is always accompanied with an error which is an essential part of the process. Along with digitalization appears a certain aesthetics — the aesthetics of error, which is a result of a failure of a system, intentional or unexpected.

In this workshop we will rst go through some basic techniques to glitch the 2D image, like databending using text editors and transcoding with Audacity. Then we will experiment with glitched 3D objects, using photogrammetry to bring real-world objects into virtual space.

This workshop intentionally leaves a lot of space for experimentation and unexpected results, because this is where all the fun is.
Workshop #newbusinessmodels: business-ideas across creative and technological sectors. By Martin Aadamso
Mini-hackaton for creative and tech specialists. Belarus stands internationally tall in IT, but little is known about its creative industries beyond the borders. This is a workshop to help figure out the innate business potential of Belorussian creative minds and how to harness it. No theory, hands on.
#culturalmanagement in digital age. By Andrew Erskine and Denis Trusila
Practical results of the research conducted by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy about outcomes from partnership between digital and creative fields. Digital tools and useful practices for running a creative team and working on a creative project.
New Media Stage by Lev Manovich and Daria Minsky. Language of new media: artificial intelligence + new media
How are the new media made? Can artificial intelligence predict the success of the content? When will the machines start writing articles on behalf of humans? On New Media Stage we will talk technologies that affect our patterns of spreading and conceiving information. Lev Manovich will kickstart the talk with Q&A session (20 min, live on Skype from New-York). Daria Minsky will follow up with the story of AI in digital media, sharing her insights on how big data can predict the viral potential of the content.
Workshops tutors
Andrew Erskine (UK)
Senior Associate, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy
Andrew is a leading international expert on the creative economy. His focus is on innovation and the creative economy, with a special focus in digital technology, entrepreneurship, higher education, strategic support initiatives, the business of culture, knowledge exchange and transfer, creative places and spaces. Core to his work is the exploration of creativity and its transformative effect on all aspects of our lives. In particular, he is interested in how individual and collective creative capital can be unlocked through new uses of technology, approaches to learning and skills, improved public services and organisational development. Much of his work involves projects which build connections across a variety of public agendas including place-making, regeneration, social inclusion and diversity, economic growth and sustainability.
Denis Trusila (Belarus)
Producer of the trendiest summer festival in Belarus — Freaky Summer Party, Co-owner & Art-director of Pocket Rocket Creative Agency, Previously, the founder of Motion Design Agency Siakera.
Denis is the founder of the company which is responsible for doing impossible creative projects in Belarus. Pocket Rocket Agency is an alternative creative group which combines minimalistic design, innovations and the non-mainstream approach in Branding, Eventing and Marketing. The agency works with more than 60 brands annually including Google, Airbnb, Samsung, Uber and collaborates with more than 80 communities and NGO's to create unique projects.
Martin Aadamso

Martin Aadamsoo is the founder of Baltic's first start-up incubator for digital creative media companies. A mix between an incubator and accelerator, curates the first batch of 5 companies since September 2015. Besides, Martin is curating Estonian Digital Centre, an NGO focused on developing the audiovisual industry in Estonia. We have digitally restored over 300 hours of archival films from the 20th century, offering services to Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Latvian and Georgian clients.
Main claim to fame: starting up and running initiatives to boost the audiovisual sector and start-up ecosystem in Estonia since the early 2000s. Committing to voluntary causes I deem worthy: small islands, local communities, young entrepreneurs, students, NGOs.
Masha Virshych
Product Designer,
MA in Design Research and Experimentation (BAU) Barcelona. BA in Architecture (Belarussian National Technical University) Minsk Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London. Member of Coco-Design Collective.

Maryia is interested in using physical objects as triggers for conscious, responsive and critical thinking; and design ctions as a method to research and reveal controversies. Fascinated and intrigued by the ambiguous nature of material artefacts and their agencies.
Mitry Sorkin
Co-founder of Feeling Films LLC, a film & VR production company, as well as the "VIR" Virtual Reality Gallery in Minsk
Co-founder of Feeling Films LLC, a film & VR production company, as well as the "VIR" Virtual Reality Gallery in Minsk. Co-producer of the "War Knows No Nation" 360 short film. Co-founder of the "VIR:CINEMA" — the virtual reality initiative within the Listapad Film Festival (Minsk) — and "VIR:ART" — the initiative that helps artist and designers from Belarus to use virtual reality as a new medium of implementing their ideas.
Arek Keshishian
Workshop leader for digital sculpting and computational design at TUMO, Yerevan
Arek Keshishian is an architect, advanced 3D modeling enthusiast, computational design practitionist and BIM technologies expert and educator. He is an honored graduate from NUACA, Yerevan and has participated in many international workshops and lead others both in Armenia and abroad.
Vova Potapenko
Founder of Ableton School, Minsk
Vova Potapenko is a musician and music teacher in Minsk. He has been engaged in music for more than 10 years and has been teaching for 4 years a course in electronic music at his own school, Ableton. Vova is developing several own musical projects. In pedagogy he uses his own vision of complex things articulated in simple words.
Daria Minsky
Daria is the founder of Belarusian media projects and
While studying at IE Business School in Madrid she co-founded a big data startup — AI tool that helps content go viral — one of the winners at the biggest Belarusian startup conference Venture Day. Currently, Exponenta participates in the acceleration program Startup Sauna in Helsinki supported by the Finnish government. Also, Daria is a present holder of Young Transatlantic Innovators Fellowship issued by U.S. Department of State.
Kirill Pokutnyy
Author, Producer of Chornobyl360 project.
Co-founder of Verum Visum, Univrsee, Sensorama Lab
Kirill Pokutnyy is keen on both production and promotion of VR experiences. He has produced Chornobyl360 project and founded Verum Visum (a full-cycle virtual reality production company) as well as Univrsee (content distribution platform for VR experiences). He has also co-founded Sensorama Lab — experimental laboratory with the mission to merge artistic, engineering and business talents to boost innovations in VR, AR, MR and other interactive technologies. Being the evangelist of Sensorama he is also the Ambassador of Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival. Kirill also covers the topic of "Artistic Artificial Intelligence" at "Na Ume" — series of educational and research events.
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