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Create IT is a meeting place for new technologies, culture and creative industries. It offers a visionary outlook on how the Internet and new media, big data and machine learning, virtual reality and augmented reality could shape culture and creative industries of tomorrow. The conference highlights inspiring opportunities that new technologies open to culture, and vise  versa, culture and creativity — to development of IT-sphere.
It is a practice-oriented event with parallel hands-on workshops, where you can actually #CreateIT
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Yulya Besplemennova
Technology is the answer, but what was the question?

Yulya Besplemennova is a multidisciplinary designer with special interest in the topic of hybrid space (social spaces existing both in physical and digital realms) and intersecting fields of urban space design, community engagement and interactions with technology. She studied design in three countries and settled for now in Milan, Italy, where she has been working on the hybrid space related projects since 4 years. Those projects included a research about the use of public wi-fi service in the city, a temporary reconfiguration of the second most important square in Milan for a while known as #nevicata14, digital solutions for travelers exploring the way people interact and navigate in space using new technologies.

Beyond practical work she also studies effects of technologies on the way people interact and communicate as an amateur researcher looking at some important media phenomenons like dating apps and their influence on public space or PokèmonGo as an example of popularisation of mixed reality.

Yulya also has teaching experience in the field of hybrid online/offline learning environments like Ceramic Futures and Master Relational Designer. And under the name of Interstellar Raccoons she explores the world of transmedial speculative storytelling for design which goes beyond "just" problem-solving, but into field of strategic context redefinition.
Lev Manovich (online)
19th century culture was defined by a novel, 20th century — by cinema, 21st century — by interface

Dr. Lev Manovich is one the leading theorists of digital culture worldwide, and a pioneer in application of data science for analysis of contemporary culture. Manovich is the author and editor of ten books including Cultural Analytics (forthcoming), Instagram and Contemporary Image, Data Drift, Software Takes Command, Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database and The Language of New Media which was described as "the most suggestive and broad ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan." He was included in the list of "25 People Shaping the Future of Design" in 2013 and the list of "50 Most Interesting People Building the Future" in 2014. Manovich is a Professor of Computer Science at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and a Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab. The lab created projects for MoMA (NYC), New York Public Library, Google and other organizations.
Jill Cousins
Culture can connect Europe in all of its diversity, contribute to creativity and innovation and really transform the world.

Jill Cousins is the Executive Director of Europeana Foundation, building up Europeana from a project idea to an operational service. She has many years of experience in web publishing. Her past experience includes the commercial publishing world as European Business Development Director of VNU New Media and scholarly publishing with Blackwell Publishing running their online journals service. Prior to publishing she had a variety of marketing and research careers in the information field.
Gunita Kulikovska
I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can’t sit still.

Gunita Kulikovska is the founder & CEO Vividly App. Gunita’s background lays in architecture, urbanism and urban strategies. She is a member of Forbes' 30 under 30 and a TEDx speaker. Archipreneur has also given her praise, as she was proclaimed one of seven most inspiring female entrepreneurs in field of architecture. Since 2016, she and her partners established startup company Vividly embracing VR as new medium for building better cities.
Arek Keshishian
It is imperative to embrace technology as a tool, not a miracle-maker. It will make you no more talented than a pencil will. However, It will make you super fast, unbelievably accurate, and a discoverer of the unknown, which is why we make tools in the first place.

Arek Keshishian is an architect, advanced 3D modeling enthusiast, computational design practitioner and BIM technologies expert and educator. He is an honored graduate from NUACA, Yerevan and has participated in many international workshops and lead others both in Armenia and abroad. Deeply immersed in education and constant research, he is the founder of Skillshop, a school specialized in training designers and architects to use the latest advanced software and implement the most efficient workflows. Currently practicing as a workshop leader for digital sculpting and computational design at TUMO, his workshop there focuses on shifting mindsets to use more unconventional and non-linear methods of creation ranging from digital craft to automation, these being the two distinct pillars of his curriculum. He is also a member of Design Morphine since September 2016.
Andrew Yanchurevich
Don’t let the future leave you behind.

Andrew Yanchurevich is the COO and Creative Director at MSQRD, Contractor Producer at Facebook. Andrew is experienced product designer, and product manager who has been working with several startups in Europe and USA. Now the main focus of his work is on entrepreneurship at the junction of computer vision and machine learning. He also holds a degree in Computer Design.
Conference Program
Friday, May 19
(Main Stage)
Inspiration talks:
Andrew Erskine
#CreativeIndustries: what are they today, what they will be tomorrow

Yulia Besplemennova

#Hybridspaces: connecting physical and digital urban environment
Jill Cousins
#digitalheritage and museums of future

Arek Keshishian

#creativetechnologies education

Lev Manovich (online)

#bigdata in culture and and analysis of global #culturaltrends
(Space yard)
Networking lunch
Veggie food by Monkey Food
Crafted sandwiches by Smokinclubs
Coffee station by Kitchen Coffee Roasters
Home-made confectionary TanyaVintik
Lemonades by Splash & Dash
(Main Stage)
True Stories of Creative Startups:
Gunita Kulikovska, Vividly app

Andrew Yanchurevich
(Main Stage)
Discussion Session with local stakeholders:
How to link Belarus IT success story with cultural and creative industries?
Space + Oktyabrskaya 16A venues
Parallel Workshops:
how to manage cultural institutions in digital age by Andrew Erskine and Denis Trusila

automation in design and architecture by Arek Keshishian

glitch, from digital to physical and back by Maria Virshych

business-ideas across creative and technological sectors by Martin Aadamso

virtual reality and 360 film production by Mitry Sorkin and Kiryll Pokutnyj
Digital Orchestra Workshop by Vova Potapenko
Music as any art form: self-made, tech-powered
New Media Workshop by Dasha Minsky
The language of new media: within the history of visual and media culture
Space Yard
Audio-Visual networking evening
Performance by artists of Unsound Dislocation X Mental Force
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